Standard of Care

At OnPath Private Client, we relentlessly pursue needles we can move, or boulders we can help eliminate within your life. What differentiates us is the way in which this is accomplished through our unique quarterly meeting structure. Each meeting is centered around one of our Four Cornerstones of Client Engagement.


Establishing continuity and harmony as to your desired way to living.

  • What impact will health have on my plans?
  • How do I maintain my standard of living?
  • Do I feel empowered to enjoy my life?


Bringing the pieces together to increase the chances of a successful outcome.

  • Do I have access to the right vehicles to grow and protect my wealth?
  • Are there points of planning I haven’t explored?
  • Who can help me think through this next chapter of my life?


Identifying the probability and impact of threats to success and planning accordingly.

  • Do I engage with effective problem solvers?
  • Could the way I achive my income be any more efficient?
  • What don’t I know that could hurt me?


The impact you wish to make now and hope to continue when you are no longer here.

  • What resounding impact could my wealth have?
  • What will govern my wealth when I’m gone?
  • When should I begin to educate future generations?